Agate Festival in Yachats

The Agate Festival in Yachats in January was a wonderful success both for us and in general.  What a great turn out.  A special thanks to all who made it possible.  Thank you.

We sold many things from small agates to a magnificent hand-made stone table made ofDSC01021DSC01022 cut jaspers and agates in a quilting pattern and resting on an antique singer treadle.

We hade three items in particular which were of note: the table, a large amethyst geode with selenite wands growing out of it, and a series of stunning amazonite bead necklaces.  All are exceptional: the amazonite necklaces have been vetted as authentic 2,000 to 4,000 years old.  They were on loan to us from an African trader who in turn had them on loan from a collector.

The amethyst geode amazed even the most experienced rock hounds for few had ever seen selenite wands naturally occurring in an amethyst geod.  And the table, well, it is just an DSC01517DSC01519exceptional work of art with a great story as a man made it for his quilting wife, hence the quilting design of the stones and the singer treadle.IMGP1847IMGP1844The festival was a satisfying experience for us.  People did not just gawk and wow at these and other items but were truly moved.  In addition to doing good business and meeting an interesting mix of people, we offered the public a chance to see some great stuff they IMGP1842otherwise may never have.  We provided a public service which every civilization should, we offered the people a chance to look upon great images and objects.  We were a museum in the greatest sense of that word.

The table which has such a romantic story in that the man made it for his quilting wife was sold to a couple to commemorate their anniversary.  So the table continues not only as a work of art, but as a monument to romance.  The necklaces have gone back to the trader, and the geod rests proudly in our gallery, available for $1,600.DSC01522


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