Monthly Archives: March 2013

Art and the Ravages of Time

In the Mahabharata, the great Indian epic, there is a line repeated more than once,  “Time cooks all things.” Life is short and art is long. The ocean just outside our gallery will outlive our art, which in turn will outlive … Continue reading

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Fossils: Frozen in Time

Walking through the gallery is a journey backwards in time. From our Japanese artifacts we step back in time to India and behold the bright bejeweled saris and sari tops.  From India we travel back to Africa:masks, statues and beads. Then we leave human … Continue reading

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Modern Inovative Jewlery

In my last post I talked about our love affair with old things, and the soulless downside of modernity. But we do have something very modern here at the gallery.  A line of jewelry by a wildly creative artist named … Continue reading

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