Modern Inovative Jewlery

In my last post I talked about our love affair with old things, and the soulless downside of modernity.

But we do have something very modern here at the gallery.  A line of jewelry by a wildly creative artist named Sera.  Not modern because of a soulless disconnect with the past, but modern because of a direct engagement with, and innovation upon the past.hand-in-hand-old-new-past-future_l

Innovation: something new created from something old.

Old is the Mayan style from which he draws, old are the component elements of his work: the quartz crystal, animal parts and nautilus.  New is the sum of the parts.  New is the style which emerges from the amalgamation of such disparate elements.DSC00741DSC00683DSC00658DSC00678DSC00747DSC00720Owl Claw Necklace with Rattle Snake Skin and Bobcat claws with Crystal Orb- Leather cord is 16 inches in length, owl claw is 6 inches long and 1 inch wide $250.00DSC00661Perhaps what is most amazing about his work is the meticulous and original wire wrapping.  His pieces range from $60 to $400 here at the Hauser Gallery.


About hausergallery

Hauser Gallery is an art gallery featuring Japanese art and fabric, African artifacts, jewelry, and more. Visit us at
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