Turtle Holds the World


In Hindu Mythology the universe and all of creation are churned out of the sea which rests on the back of a primordial turtle.

Turtle8Polynesians refer to the tortoise as the primordial mother.  The Chinese associate them with wisdom.  To the ancient Greeks, Aztecs, Mayans and Incas, the turtle seems to be the foundation of the world.  For the Iroquois, the Ojibway and the Lenape the whole of the earth rests on the turtle’s back.

We here at the Hauser Gallery are fond of our own little turtles…

One drivesDSC01930

One opens up the store for usDSC01928

They take walksDSC01926

You find them on carsDSC01920

On the rocksDSC01913

On our collection of agatesDSC01912

Some turtles carry turtlesDSC01944

Sometimes the little guys strike out on their ownDSC01947

So cuteDSC01946

Some turtles become shoulder bagsDSC01953

Some become medicine pouchesDSC01956 DSC01957 DSC01955

No turtles were harmed in the creation of this post.  More importantly no turtles were harmed in the creation of the artwork.

The pouches and bags are made by Sera a Mayan Mexican who obtains his animal parts from a consortium which provides material for artist from animals already dead.

The large bags are alligator snapping turtles available for $320-360.  Medicine pouches for $150 at the Hauser Gallery.

(Those little guys are for sale as well…but Tommy the turtle is not for sale.  We need him to open the gallery and drive our car).


About hausergallery

Hauser Gallery is an art gallery featuring Japanese art and fabric, African artifacts, jewelry, and more. Visit us at hausergallery.com.
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