African Village in Seal Rock

Our African Village celebration of art and culture on Memorial Day weekend was a grand success.

The Hauser Gallery benefited, the African traders benefited, and the community benefited.  We were thanked over and over for bringing such an entertaining, colorful and cultural event to little Seal Rock on the Oregon Coast.IMG_2618

Gallery owner Rose Estes had the brilliant idea that if people find it fascinating when the African traders come and show us all their artifacts, then why not invite all the traders to come at the same time and invite the public.  They will have the opportunity not only to see the spectacle of all that art, fabric and beads laid out before them, but also they will have a chance to buy directly from the source.  Then she thought why not have music and food, advertise it and have a big shin-dig.

She did, we did, it was.IMG_2592IMG_2599IMG_2574IMG_2589IMG_2585

We thank everyone who helped to make this event a success.  The African traders: Musa, Bubakar and Naday.  The drummers: Amadou and his friends, all the employees of the Hauser Gallery, and the rest–you know who you are.

We had so many compliments that we are now organizing a repeat of the event on Labor Day.

IMG_2622Also I got so many requests and compliments on my West African peanut soup that I will publish the recipe in my next post.


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Hauser Gallery is an art gallery featuring Japanese art and fabric, African artifacts, jewelry, and more. Visit us at
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